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The app BIMKOMP version 1.0 was developed within the framework of the research project:

Entwicklung einer Mobilen und Digitalen Lernfabrik für das Handwerk 4.0

Development of a Mobile and Digital Learning Factory for Crafts 4.0.
Development of modular, multimedia learning modules for the BIM technology platform and Handwerk 4.0.

Funding reference:        03EN11016B
Project duration:            05/2020 bis 04/2023
More information :         Website: www.mpool-consulting-do.de;
Project management:    Andreas Franke; a.franke@mpool-consulting.de

developed, is free of charge and has no commercial purposes in its use.

The app BIMKOMP enables a self-assessment of existing BIM competences and „calculates“ an individual profile with regard to the central requirements for the use of Building Information Modelling (BIM for short).

Individual training needs with regard to various future requirements are analysed. Corresponding educational offers (educational nuggets) can be accessed at the touch of a button.

We cordially invite you to a self-assessment regarding your level of knowledge in connection with Building Information Modelling (BIM). After your entry, you will have the opportunity to view a comparison of your profile with other app users. In addition, you will find some educational nuggets at the end to suit you!

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